Free Version – Enhanced Notification Service for SCOM

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A powerful service that provides the solution to the problem that SCOM finds upfront in the alert email.

Add all of SCOM’s variables in your email alerts

We expose all of the native SCOM variables, along with the management pack’s info, management server’s info, everything you want.

Custom HTML body template

Create beautiful email notifications based on any variables you want, in any html format you want.

Custom Subject lines

Build your subject lines of your email on any variables you want, in any order you want.

Product Knowledge

Attach the Product Knowledge directly from the management pack AND your Company Knowledge to the alert.

Product Overrides

See the override for the alert so you know the thresholds.

Complete Alert details

See the alert context as well as the notification channel that sent the alert.

Microsoft Direct API to SCOM

Lighting Fast Direct API access via Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager SDK.  No powershell.  No command channels.


Proven to handle hundreds of thousands of alerts per hour with minimal memory and cpu usage.

Administrative Assistance

Insert the notification channel that send the alert as well as the server.

The free version is limited to 30 days. Perfect to test in your environment to see if you want to purchase the product.

Supports System Center Operations Manager 2012, 2012 SP1, 2012 R2 and 2016.

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