SCOM 1801: Updated management packs for Open Source Software OSS v7.7.1129.0

The updated Management packs for OSS MySQL and Apache can be found here. The Management Packs for Open Source Software enable discovering, monitoring, and managing MySQL Server and Apache HTTP Server. They provide reactive and proactive monitoring of MySQL Server and Apache HTTP Server running on Linux operating systems. The monitoring provided by the Open Source…

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SCOM 1801: Updates management packs for SQL Server v7.0.7.0

SQL Server SQL Server 2017+ –  here SQL Server 2016 – here SQL Server 2014 – here SQL Server 2008-2012 – here SSAS SSAS 2016 – here SSAS 2014 – here SSAS 2012 – here SSAS 2008 – here SSRS (Native Mode) SSRS 2016 – here SSRS 2014 – here SSRS 2012 – here SSRS 2008 – here SQL Server 2017+ MP New Features and Fixes Implemented an ability to monitor SQL Server Cluster instances locally; formerly, it was…

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New version Enhanced Notification Service for SCOM

New version released – Enhanced Notification Service for SCOM. Supported Operations Manager versions: 2012, 2012 Sp1, SCOM 2012 R2, 2016, and SCOM 1801 You can access the upgrade through your account at (Release) – 2018-07-16 – New version of SCOM supported 1801. – Bug Fixed – Bug – Microsoft.Linux.Universal.* rules do not display alertprincipalname…

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MP Update: Windows Server 2016 MP version

Quick download: This MP contains several updates and fixes, depending on what version you are currently running. 1.  Time Sync Monitoring The MP contains a relatively new monitor for Time Accuracy: This monitor was very noisy in previous versions of this MP.  Changes made:  This now ships disabled out of the box.  If you…

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Implementing TLS 1.2 enforcement with SCOM

Quicklinks: Download Script Download Management Pack This is a requirement that I see is picking up steam with customers.  Customers are getting told by their security teams that they need to support their application and database servers using TLS 1.2 only, and no previous protocols enabled for SCHANNEL communications. The good news: is that SCOM…

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UR5 for SCOM 2016 – Step by Step

  KB Article for OpsMgr: Download catalog site: Updated UNIX/Linux Management Packs: Recommended hotfix page: NOTE:  I get this question every time we release an update rollup:   ALL SCOM Update Rollups are CUMULATIVE.  This means you do not need to apply them in order, you can always just apply the latest…

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SCOM 2016 now supports SQL 2016 SP1

SQL 2016 Service Pack 1 is now supported for SCOM 2016 deployments. There is no Update Rollup level requirement for this.  You can deploy SCOM 2016 in new deployments on SQL 2016 SP1, and you may upgrade existing deployments to SQL 2016 SP1. from Kevin Holman’s System Center Blog

Largest Microsoft Ebook Giveaway!

Ever wanted to know anything about the latest Microsoft technologies, but were afraid to BUY an ebook because todays technologies are changing too fast? So what you buy today is outdated tomorrow? Fear no longer! Simply download a FREE Microsoft ebook on the topic you want to know more about it and be done with…

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How to create a SCOM group from an Active Directory Computer Group

There have been a bunch of examples of this published over the years.  Some of them worked well, but I was never happy with many of them as they were often vbscript based, hard to troubleshoot, and required lots of editing each time you wanted to reuse them.  Many were often error prone, and didn’t…

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Monitoring for Time Drift in your enterprise

Time sync is critical in today’s networks.  Experiencing time drift across devices can cause authentication breakdowns, reporting miscalculations, and wreak havoc on interconnected systems.  This article shows a demo management pack to monitor for time sync across your Windows devices. The basic idea was – to monitor all systems and compare their local time, against…

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